Kristal Fine Table Water

Kristal Fine Table Water has now become a household name amongst the Maltese. It was first bottled by the General Soft Drinks Co. Ltd in 1988.


The Kristal range is a lightly mineralized water and includes both a still and a sparkling variant.


In 2009, the Kristal brand was acquired by The Coca-Cola Company.

Summer on the Move with Kristal
01, June 2014

This programme full of summer activities sees the participation of over 4,500 children and adults in a total of 26 different sport disciplines.

Kristal Sparkling

Typical Analysis:

  • pH: 6
  • Conductivity (20°C): 600 - 750 μS/cm
  • Sodium (Na⁺): 150 mg/l
  • Calcium (Ca⁺²): 11 mg/l
  • Magnessium (Mg⁺²): 6.5 mg/l
  • Biocarbonate (HCO3-): 375 mg/l
  • Chloride (CI-): 32 mg/l
  • Sulphate (SO4-2): 24 mg/l
  • Total dissolved solids: 470 mg/l


Water, Magnesium Sulphate, Calcium Hydroxide.